Zora's Services


A good strategy provides direction for an organisation. Through our Strategic Consulting division, we get things done! We provide expertise in Strategy Formulation and Implementation, Stakeholder Management, Business Process Engineering and Change Management.

Strategy Formulation and Implementation

If you are looking for clear and concise direction for your organisation, we can assist you. With everything becoming more and more complex, we will work with you in simplifying your Corporate, Business and Functional Level Strategies! We give you cutting edge strategies that will make you competitive and ensure that you grow.

Stakeholder Management

Are you managing your company’s reputation in terms of how you interact with your stakeholders? Your stakeholder perceptions can greatly affect your reputation and bottom line. We work with you in mapping and analysing your stakeholders. We develop expectation management and communication strategies that ensure effective stakeholder engagement that will align you with King III governance principles.

Business Process Engineering

In order to achieve optimal efficacy and efficiency you need well defined processes. We examine how your processes enable you to achieve productivity and output, while reducing costs. We provide an in depth analysis of archaic processes and optimise them, and can even work with you in establishing new ones. More than just flow diagrams we bring your business to life!

Change Management

The constant in life is change ! We at Zora look at aspects that can affect your organisation such as Organisational Change, IT Systems Change and Relocation change. We apply the principles of change that allow your organisation to seamlessly transition


Through the Technology division we keep our clients abreast with the latest technological developments. We focus on IoT ( Internet of Things), Big Data Analytics , Cyber Security and Cloud.

IoT ( Internet of Things)

The world will soon be like the sci-fi movie…We will have devices, appliances, vehicles and anything with embedded technology will be interconnected. We help you prepare for what is coming! We work with you to develop innovative solutions pertinent to your business so that you remain relevant and abreast with the latest technology. We have cutting edge solutions that are underpinned by our technology partners.

Big Data Analytics and Cloud

How do you leverage off all the data that is out there to make your business effective? Analysing and synthesising data can have such an impact on your business. With our expertise we assist you with predictive analytics, trend analysis, customer data analysis , to name a few. You will have the right data, at the right time, empowering you to make informed and calculated decisions

Cyber Security

Is your organisation secured with all the cyber threats that out your data at risk? There are so many vulnerabilities that your data can be exposed to, that could threaten the integrity of your data. With our solutions we ensure a secured architecture with the protection from malware, phishing and any other cyber threats.


The Economic Planning and Forecasting division empowers clients to navigate uncertain economic conditions. This is done through Scenario Planning, Economic Analysis, Research, and Policy Formulation for governments.

Scenario Planning

We work with corporates and government to envision the future and establish long term strategic plans. The systematic process we undertake is to visualise possible scenarios that could be affected by decisions made. We analyse scenarios and this enables accurate decision making.

Economic Research & Policy Analysis

We analyse economic trends and provide updates on risks and mitigating factors that could impact investment decisions. We conduct policy analysis, considering external factors such as economic, political, geographic and financial elements that affect policy dynamics.


Based on client needs, we use economic and statistical models to find solutions to corporate and government needs.


For infrastructure and big Capital Projects we provide expertise with our team that is well vested in Transactional Advisory as well Mergers and Acquisitions.

As your strategic focus changes, we will be there to journey with you. Whether you are expanding, merging, acquiring or disposing, our well vested team will provide you with the best advice. Our team is highly experienced and have been part of reputable firms and have been instrumental in the transition phase. We will work with you to even go beyond by assisting you with Transactional Diligence and any further expertise in Capital insights to ensure that your strategic direction is undergirded by expert advice as you transition.